Fees/ Pricing

For additional pricing hours please contact the front desk or e-mail southstardance@yahoo.com

Additional information


General information

  While in the Studio 

1. Please dispose of all trash and try to keep the studios, lobby, restrooms, and dressing areas clean for all families to enjoy. 

2. Please no food items that contain peanuts or nuts of any kind.  We have several students with severe nut allergies. 3. Water bottles are available for a suggested donation of $1.00.  All proceeds go to benefit our scholarship fund.

 4. Students should not be in the dance studios without a teacher present in the room. 

5. Please keep the noise level down in the lobby and waiting areas. The noise from these areas can be heard in the studios. · 

6. Please do not allow younger children to touch or hit the glass observation windows. 

7. Please do not open the door to the studio to discipline your child while the dancer is in class.  

8. The Teachers will open the observation window only when they deem it appropriate.  

General Expectations of Parents

  Parents show respect for the dance class, teacher, and studio by: 

1. Knocking before entering the classroom if a class is in progress. 

2. If it becomes obvious that students are being distracted, while you are watching please move. 

3. Picking students up promptly after class 

4. Not wearing street shoes on the dance floor. 

5. Making appointments to meet with the teacher if a particular conversation is expected to exceed more than a few minutes.

6. If you are more then 5 minutes late you will not be able to participate in the class. 

7. Please discuss any concern you have about studio policy with Miss Emily directly and not among each other.  

Helpful tip 1

   Please make sure that your child goes to the bathroom right before you leave home. This will ensure that your child will not miss out on valuable lesson time while they are in the bathroom.  

Helpful tip2

 Please give your child the space and freedom to explore dance on his/her own. If your child has problems separating from you, that is usually a good sign that your child should most likely wait 6 months to a year before they enroll in dance lessons. 

Helpful tip 3

  Proper hygiene is essential in all aspects of life. It is very hard to approach a child or parent about a lack of cleanliness or a foul body odor. However, in a dance studio where activities induce sweat and children are moving through the space, odors can become a terrible distraction and an embarrassment for the child, should a classmate be insensitive and say something out loud. To avoid these problems, please be sure all dancewear is laundered after each wearing; hair should be clean and pulled back properly, and deodorant should be a consideration for all students age 7 and up for dance class.  Please, NO PERFUME prior to class as this will cause a terrible odor, as well as aggravate allergies of other students.